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Stamford Connecticut is a small city on the East Coast of Connecticut. It is within the tri-county area of Connecticut. Right near downtown, Stamford Museum & Nature Center features exhibits on cultural and natural history, a renovated mansion and various other exhibits. Its grounds include a beautiful outdoor botanical garden, an educational natural garden and an observation tower. Cove Island Park is also a nature habitat, with trails, marshes and beaches.

Last year the city added more than sixty new park spaces to the already popular Connecticut Zoo. These additions include two new interconnected parks, the Courtyard by Marriott Garden and the adjacent Marriott Plaza. The additions bring the total number of park spaces to seven, making Stamford one of the biggest tourist destinations in Connecticut. Also nearby is the State Farm Center, a two hundred thousand square feet animal farm that houses over one hundred exotic animals.

If you like history then you will love The Greenwich Museum. Established in 1869 this state museum houses a fine collection of artifacts, including early American artifacts. Other prominent landmarks in the area are the Winslow House, the National Maritime Center, the Connecticut Historical Society and the New Haven Public Library.

Right by the harbor in Connecticut's South End you will find the Old Say Parkinson Home Site. This historic site is the final resting place for former President William Clinton. The house features one room plus two bathrooms. This lovely historic site is the preserved birthplace of the author.

If you love history and arts then you should check out the Connecticut Center for the Performing Arts. Established in 2021 it is the only performing arts center in the state. The Center has two venues, the Courtyard and the Big Apple. Tickets to the concerts are cheap and you can enjoy a show under the stars before they go on tour.

You can be sure that there is something for everyone in this beautiful town. You just need to take a moment to explore all the amazing landmarks. Once you do take time to enjoy the food and shop at the many local malls. You will also find plenty of shopping for souvenirs, books and antiques at the numerous galleries.

Travelers from across the country stop at Stamford Connecticut every year to see what all the talk is about. With all the attractions in place the town offers an awesome range of things to do. Take a walking tour of the town and take in the history as you stroll along the streets. You will be delighted by the many buildings and ancient monuments.

While you are here you may also want to visit the Science and Environmental Learning Center. It is a two hundred thousand dollar facility that houses over one hundred projects of science and environmental learning. You can volunteer for science projects or simply learn more about the history of the environment. There are activities to suit all interests.

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Whether you are planning a family vacation or just a weekend getaway, St Stamford Connecticut may be a good choice. Located on the east coast between New York and Connecticut, this town is home to many famous attractions. Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, boating, cycling, or simply strolling around the waterfront, there are plenty of things to do in Stuttering Rock. Stretching from the busy streets of Manhattan all the way down to the Connecticut River, this town is best known for its culture and outdoor activities.

A few of the things to do in Stuttering Rock include taking in the local theater, taking a river tour, visiting a family amusement park or Zoo, taking a stroll along the beaches, or visiting historical landmarks and museums. You can also take part in a number of sporting activities near the shore like kayaking, wakeboarding, waterskiing, rafting, tennis, football, and even paintball. There are plenty of beaches in and around Stuttering Rock. Many of these beaches are accessible from the Connecticut River. In addition to the beaches, there are parks, playgrounds, hiking paths, and boat ramps all near this part of Connecticut.

If you are in the mood for weekend getaways, then consider staying at one of the hotels located in the area. Two popular options include Holiday Inn on Eastbrook Street, which offers nine affordable hotel rooms and four restaurants. nearby, you will find several restaurants, shops, craft stores, art galleries, movie theaters, and shopping centers. In addition to offering convenient location and amenities, Holiday Inn is close to many of the state's top attractions including the Connecticut State University campus, the Gloster Medical Center, the Verizon Theatre, and the John F. Kennedy Airport.

If you are looking for more of a family-friendly place to stay during your trip to Connecticut, then consider a vacation rental. A convenient and comfortable option is to stay in a vacation home in stamford. A variety of vacation rentals are available, including bed and breakfasts, condos, duplexes, and even private homes. Most vacation homes are located near state-of-the-art restaurants, shopping malls, beaches, or just a short distance from the commuter rail line that runs through Connecticut.

Cummings Park in Stamford Connecticut is the perfect spot to enjoy all that the area has to offer during the summer months. Located right on the eastern border of Connecticut, this park is filled with outdoor playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails, and spectacular views of the Connecticut River. The most convenient access to the park happens to be across the street from the Verizon Wireless store on Connecticut's East Coast. Enjoy hot summers, stay cool during winter, and take a dip into the pristine cold water of the Connecticut River at one of the many fine swimming beaches found at this park.

If you are traveling in the area during the off season, don't worry. The entire metropolitan area of Stamford is teeming with exciting activities during every season. In addition to the aforementioned metropolitan parks and beaches, there are also beautiful walking paths and trails, golf courses, nature preserves, and historical sites to explore. Whether you travel to Connecticut for a summer home stay, an extended vacation, or a business retreat, you will find that there are many fun and relaxing ways to travel through Connecticut.


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Stamford Connecticut is located in Connecticut near New London. It is bordered by New York City and Connecticut. Its location makes it an ideal place for both families and job seekers. With a low unemployment rate, good housing market and plenty of local jobs, many people are choosing to relocate to Connecticut.

The housing market in Connecticut is doing well. Real estate prices are up in areas such as Greenwich which is west of New London and Connecticut. The housing inventory has been slowly decreasing in some areas, but overall the inventory has been slowly increasing in Greenwich and other areas across the Connecticut coastline. The high demand for housing is creating a surplus of property available in the state. This surplus is creating more local job opportunities.

The population of Stamford Connecticut is aging, yet the unemployment rate is low. This means that the pool of potential workers is growing, and so are the jobs. From waterfront communities to historic neighborhoods to ethnic enclaves and to rural areas, there are jobs in Connecticut for just about everybody. The market is creating jobs, but is also allowing new residents to have access to housing, which is expanding the tax base and helping the economy.

With a relatively small population of just over 3 million, Stamford Connecticut is quite unique in its living conditions. There are very few large population centers within a three-mile radius of the town. Due to the limited amount of housing, the cost of living is much lower than the neighboring states. This includes housing prices that are less than half of New London or Fairfield Connecticut, both of which have much larger populations.

Living in Connecticut is not like living anywhere else on earth. Most towns have a high level of crime, as well as a high number of vehicle accidents. This is because of the limited amount of real estate that is available. The town of Stamford is an exception to this rule. The limited amount of housing is what helps to keep the crime low in the area.

If you are looking for a good place to raise a family or just want to have a good place to call home, then you need to check out the town of Stamford Connecticut. This area is located around the New London River and has many historic homes that are replicas of the older days. You will find that most of the homes are newer, but still retain their historical value. The town has a lot to offer to anyone that wants to live in an urban area, without sacrificing any of the quality of life. It is considered to be a desirable place to live.



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